When we started working on this project, we knew it was going to be a game-changer. It has a game and a metaverse, donations to the real life charity and brings a good community together combining fun, technology and good cause in one. The realm of crypto still identifies with tech mystery while we made it easy and fun to access and matched it with a place we want to raise in the real world.
This is a story about Teo, a happy pup now, but went through his own struggles before. Crawling his way through the hurdles of life at a very young age, but reaching a good life later. The project will walk you through those experiences of his and so had many other dogs to make you feel and see the way!
Do you have a dog? And now one more question — have you ever thought about having a dog in the metaverse? TextTeo welcomes you in TeoShelter in Spatial Metaverse where you follow the path from DogHell to DogHeaven.
Getting TextTeo NFT to access the TeoShelter member only club and getting the OGs offer on the 3D dog in Spatial while donating 30% to the dog shelter in real life — can you even think about combining more in one?
TextTeo donates 30% of every NFT sold to ROLDA (Romanian League in Defense of Animals). This is part of WEB 3, and it happens automatically with blockchain. We are truly proud of this. Blockchain and a good cause make a perfect combination.
TextTeo NFT
Within the verse of Spatial we have developed the TeoShelter space. The question may pop on what we can do there. Definitely all bunch of activities starting with the arcade game which you go through as a little Teo through the street hurdles of life, trying to find food and safe place to stay.

Getting to the TeoShelter bringing the joy to all the dogs living there. Safe place and the meta protype of what we want to built in the real life.

The last but not the least for TextTeo NFT holders we have a member-only space. From the scheduled plan of the community gatherings, speaker events to drop announcements, early-bird token drop, giveaways and stake in the related businesses.
We have been expired by how they rescue, treat and help those animals in need. They did a great job over the years, and in last two years had been on the mission to help on the border of Ukraine. That is simply admirable, and while we can be physically present to help on the spot, we wanted to raise the campaign to help them grow their shelter and continue with their kind-hearted mission.
Why did we choose ROLDA Foundation?
Reflecting your access to the FriendsOnly TextTeo area and 2 MetaEvents
Donating 30% to ROLDA foundation
Joining the likeminded community of animal lovers to dive-in in metaspace gaming
June - July 2023
TextTeo metaverse development. Meet & Greet area, stray dog survival game, shelter and closed area development.
August 2023
TextTeo game and shelter in Spatial metaverse launch.
September 2023
TextTeo Friends only closed community space launch. Includes exclusive access the NFT holders only.
October 2023
Whitelist launch.
13 November 2023
NFT official mint date. 30% of each NFT sold goes directly to ROLDA charity organization in real life and gives the holder the unique access to the TextTeo Friends only area.
27 November 2023
First official community meet-up in TextTeo Friends only. Private announcement for the community for Phase II game development and internal voting.
7 December 2023
Phase II development commence date.
13 February 2024
TextTeo Phase II game launch.
In case you need to hold a lecture or a mass discussion about something in a nice atmosphere and with cool surroundings and avatars instead of boring and sad Zoom — we are what you need.
TextTeo starts with a collection of 1,500 NFTs - unique digital collectible on the Ethereum blockchain, each of which will give you the club membership access to the TeoShelter in the Spatial Metaverse: a corner of the web3 where artists, enthusiasts and animal lovers meet to create a decentralized future.